Your alarm-clock goes off and you lay there for a few minutes--thinking about what you have to do before you head to work.  You hit the shower, get dressed, scramble to grab a muffin and a mug of coffee as you trot out the door to your car. You hop into the driver’s seat, turn the key—and nothing.  Your car sits there, like it’s dead.  Another car repair?  What a pain—you thought your mechanic fixed the problem!  But you feel like you’ve been taken to the cleaners!  Why do you feel that finding a good mechanic can be as tough as finding a doctor you like?

But you remember your neighbor talking about the great job their mechanic always does when their car needs repairs.  And you remember All-American Auto Repair is right here in Longmont!  Your neighbor was really excited about the quality work All-American Auto does because they offer the same repairs as a dealer, but at a fraction of the cost.   All-American Auto has expanded to meet customer demand!  They have a well-earned solid reputation for:

• being dependable
• doing the job right the first time
• making repairs for a great price
• using the best auto parts available
• offering a 12-month/12,000 mile guarantee on all repairs (covered by NAPA Nationwide warranty)
• being family-owned

Kelly Ward, Owner, All American Auto Repair Longmont

100% customer satisfaction

Except for warranty work or recalls, you should never have to go to the dealership for service or maintenance. We offer all the services that a dealer would provide at a fraction of the cost.

Mark Ward, Owner, All American Auto Repair Longmont

You call All-American Auto and service manager Kelly Ward answers the phone - you find her reassuring.  And for good reasons - she’s:

• honest

• professional

• experienced

• knowledgeable

• friendly

And so is Mark Ward, the other half of the partnership at All-American Auto. He has more than 30 years experience repairing cars and is ASE Master Certified, and he’s been Kelly’s marriage partner for 22 years - they’re a real team.

All American Auto Repair of Longmont Services:
air-conditioning, brakes, batteries, belts/hoses, clutch, differential service, diagnostic testing, exhaust, heating, lights, radiators, starting/charging, scheduled maintenance, steering/suspension, shocks, and tune-ups.

All American Auto Repair Services

• Alignments

• Diagnostic Testing

• Engine Tune-up

• Oil & Filter

• Oil Leaks

• Rotate Tires

• Scheduled Maintenance

• Service Air Conditioning

• Service Brakes

• State Inspections

• Suspension

• Transmission Service

NAPA 24 months/24,000 Miles Nationwide Warranty

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